High-level handy hints for planning tender response success

Large tenders require significant time, effort, specialist resourcing and commitment to developing compelling differentiation, so here is a simple list of reminders to help make your major tender responses more successful.

  1. Understand the tender’s needs and the underlying (often non-stated) issues that must be addressed and formally plan and schedule your response resources
  2. Assemble the right skills, methodology, budget and sponsorship
  3. Ensure your solution offers unique benefits that will be valued by your client
  4. Develop and agree your solution’s key messages and benefits
  5. Make sure that all your team members understand the overall solution and how specific key messages are to be recognised in their individual responses
  6. Answer all questions and in the order that they are asked cognisant of any response format and size limitations
  7. Plan and outline the aligned content of each response to match your solution before writing the detailed content, and plan the use of specialised graphics – write less but say more
  8. Do not paste in large slabs of standard content unless it is truly generic and keep it to a minimum
  9. Write your responses professionally and in a compelling style – tell a story and talk about benefits not just features
  10. Iteratively draft and review formally all the way – don’t wait unto the end.

If this sounds too daunting, call Mijo Tenders for some friendly advice.