Aligning Tier 1 infrastructure and construction projects

Mijo Align partners with Tier 1 infrastructure and construction projects to align their multi-disciplinary teams and support their goal of delivering the project on-time and on budget.   

Our program works to avert the misalignment that usually occurs between multi-disciplinary teams that often leads to confusion, fragmentation and disagreement, and at worst, huge blow outs and time over-runs.


The Mijo Align Program strengthens the relationship of multiple stakeholders working together through innovative technology, techniques and leadership to mitigate disruptions, losses and risks.

Because our program promotes an environment of complete transparency and clarity, a synergy between the multiple stakeholders occurs where teams take ownership of their project for the betterment of the ‘whole’ rather than working separately with individual objectives and motivations. 


At the very beginning, we establish alignment on the Purpose of the group.  This becomes the Foundation from which the MAP collaborative performance system and program evolves. 

Curated by Mijo and collaboratively developed, our performance system becomes the ‘one source of truth’ for high-level information-sharing and joint decision-making of the multi-stakeholder leaders.  Our program has many touch points and opportunities for the group to come together for continuous improvement and averting risks.

Mijo Align Program (M.A.P.)

Our Mijo Align Program (MAP) is an effective tool that helps to deliver

  • trust and transparency
  • cross functional teams’ collaboration
  • greater leadership impact
  • effective pre-start planning
  • continuous improvement and change management
  • progress monitoring
  • key developmental areas
  • strengthen work environments

Some of the reasons why projects fail

  • Misaligned expectations 
  • Silo’d teams
  • Conflict between multi-disciplinary teams
  • No collaboration tool
  • “Us” vs “Them” mentality
  • Misaligned resources and timing
  • Lack of communication

How MAP can help

  • Align expectations 
  • Supports communication and collaboration
  • Aligning multi-disciplinary teams and creating trust
  • Electronic dashboard supports collaboration and tracking
  • No blame, only curiosity
  • Transparency
  • Open communication and better leadership

The four phases of our MAP

  • Building Foundations
  • Setup for Success
  • Total Transparency
  • On-time, On-budget


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