The Executive Summary – the head start your tender needs

A good executive summary starts winning you over from page one. It is often the most important thing you write. And the last thing you do.

The five-minute pitch

There is an art to creating a winning Executive Summary.

It must bring your tender response to life in one succinct document. 
It sets the tone for the response. 
It should make the client feel optimistic about what you’re about to say, before they get into the details.
It gets them engaged and makes them want to stay engaged.
It lays out, for your client, the most compelling reasons for choosing you.

Usually created at the end of the process, a great Executive Summary does more than summarise the content of your bid; it shows how each aspect of your response adds up to a greater benefit.

It must clearly showcase the deeper value your company will provide. It’s something Mijo does very well.

Mijo’s Executive Summary Specialists

Whether you have used Mijo for your tender, or not, we can help you create a custom-designed, engaging, executive summary to wow the tender review panel. Our designers and our senior writers have years of experience in distilling multiple components into one easy to understand response document. Mijo understands the need to bring your tender to life in the shortest, simplest way, highlighting the strengths of your offer, and making the reader feel confident about your pitch.