People win tenders. People, working together, win tenders more often.

Tenders may be judged on delivery and value, but they’re won by people.

The right people, with the right skills, in the right places, with access to the right resources.

Good people united by a shared goal, working together to create the best case for choosing you. It’s not just a question of hiring people who can – it’s about knowing if they can do it, together.

Teams win tenders.

Teams with strong cultures, operating to a clear solution strategy, united by shared values. These are the teams most likely to create the best proposal.

Because each member knows what is required of them.

Because each member is accountable to each other member. And to the tender.

Because poor culture, selfish behaviour and faulty processes can derail a project very quickly.

Because each tender will have moments of stress. And a united team handles these moments far better than siloed specialists.

Because large tenders bring high levels of uncertainty and risk that require adaptive management across multiple streams and disciplines.

With decades of experience on tenders, our directors understand how to put the right team members in the right place. And how to create a culture that unites great teams. Great teams dedicated to winning tenders.

Whatever support you need.

When you need it.

Whether you need a team, additional resources for an existing team, or a specialist individual.

Mijo can help you create the framework for the team you need. Defining timelines, methodologies and accountabilities. Transitioning from bid team to delivery team. Ensuring safe, timely and cost-effective project delivery.

We have the experience and the tools to help with co-designing, at the outset, robust decision-making principles, aligned project management, organisation and governance mechanisms, and aligning project culture from the outset.

Once you’ve identified your team members, we help turn them into a team. A project-centric team.

We run workshops to identify the values which will help shape peer-led behaviour, drive accountability and set common goals for all project participants. Teams as invested in winning tenders as much as you are.

All Mijo team members are carefully selected for their ability to add value where value is needed. They seek to identify where tender responses can be improved. They work with your subject matter experts to develop and craft compelling promises which differentiate your response.

Each of our specialists has many years’ experience in business writing and tender responses across several industries. Each has participated in winning submissions, and knows the importance of a unified team approach, working with all stakeholders to provide the specific writing or design support you need.

Roles include:

  • Submission/Bid Managers and Co-ordinators
  • Submission Writers
  • Corporate Communication Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Word Document Formatters
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement Specialists.

Our team

Mike Hodgson and Joanna Stepp officially formed Mijo Tenders in June 2016 and through Mijo’s pragmatic and successful approach to winning more tenders for their clients, they now have response teams established in most Australian capital cities and in Auckland New Zealand.  Mike has since retired in April 2021.  

Joanna Stepp


Joanna is one of Australia’s leading bid specialists.

Combining a rich background in marketing and communications with her experience at the pointy end of bidding, she can help you understand what the client is really looking for and how the component parts of a proposal should fit together to be noticed, be considered, and be chosen.

Having worked with multiple brands and multiple sectors, she has developed an undeniable strength in identifying, assessing, and understanding customers. She is a highly regarded expert in stakeholder management and has an enviable depth of experience across all aspects of bids and bidding.

With over 15 years of successful tendering, she has a proven capability to develop winning foundations, create winning bids, and guide bid-winning teams.

Wendy Mayer

Wendy Mayer


With a passion for business and a strong background as a high level Senior Executive Assistant to CEOs and Founders, as well as a Board Secretariat, in companies of 2000 people, Wendy has worked across Finance, IT, Agriculture, Medical, Aged Care & Disability, Design and Construction, Services & HR sectors, and is also a published author and writer. 

Skilled at setting the cadence to keep priorities progressing, her forte lies in driving the momentum of the business, strategising and brainstorming with Joanna to innovate and then convert their ideas into reality.  Wendy also manages Mijo’s  day-to-day business requirements assisting with new businessclient relationships, project planning, proposals, staffing, finance, IT and operational functions – basically keeping us all on track, and moving onwards and upwards. 

John Douglas


John loves using words to persuade people to choose one service or product over another. He has worked as a writer and creative director in advertising and marketing agencies in Australia and New Zealand for over 25 years and he understands the need to write to specific audiences, writing the way they prefer to read. With his wealth of experience across all industries, he turns facts into benefits and benefits into promises – matching the writing style to suit the need of the project and the preference of the audience. He helps organisations connect with clients and customers through compelling tender content, clear communications and simply expressed benefits to prove the value in each response. 

Bronwyn Coulthart

Bronwyn CoulthartFORMATTER

Bronwyn specialises in document formatting tender responsesproviding clarity and structure that simplifies complex subjects and aids in reading and understanding.  Bronwyn’s 25+ years IT consulting has refined her technical skills, eye for detail, troubleshooting and formatting skills for the production of clear, structured and eyecatching documents. She collaboratively and efficiently creates templates to ensure consistent formatting and styles across a suite of submission documents.  This method enhances key messaging, diagrams and models to support complex subjects.   

Dylan Read


Dylan is a design and marketing practitioner specialising in idea generation, graphic design, photography and brand management.  With more than 17 years of design and marketing experience, including 5 working in the tender space.

From brand creation, annual report style executive summaries, internal diagrams, submission box and folders. Through to photography and video creation, Dylan can help to sell your vision and visually align your response to your bid themes. 

Tanya Coelho


Tanya is a versatile designer with over 15 years of industry experience. She has worked across sectors including construction, transport, infrastructure, not-for-profit, retail, local council, public health, and the Australian Government. Tanya’s extensive experience gives her the unique ability to understand client needs, quickly interpret a brief and distill the key elements to deliver clear and creative results. Tanya has been working in tendering for the past 5 years. She has a wonderfully calm and positive demeanour – two very important traits in the tendering environment.

Fiona Ingram


Fiona has a background in innovation, business analysis and making things easy to use and understand through clear communications. She has over 20 years’ experience across different sectors and industries identifying, developing and responding to business and customer requirements. She’s fluent in collating and describing different stakeholder perspectives and extracting crucial information to clearly convey concepts, processes and the attainable outcomes and their benefits. She focuses on finding the right problems to answer and resolving and communicating these in pragmatic mediums. 

Noni Kunkler

Noni brings over twelve years’ experience working in both commercial and civil infrastructure and construction industry sectors where she has held the roles of Submissions Manager and Business Manager, overseeing the creation of government, community and private sector client’s tender submissions , expressions of interest and capability statements. Pivotal to her success is her ability to establish strong bid team relationships. Noni can join a bid team at any point of the bid process to add value where required. Her attention to detail, agility and calm approach under pressure give bid teams a strong advantage in delivering industry leading submissions.

Brigitte Moore


A resourceful and dynamic self-starter, Brigitte is an experienced Bid Writer/Submission Manager . Critical to the role is to see beyond the clients’ stated requirements and have a strong understanding of an organisation’s goals, successes, and challenges. Detail that allows you to show where your offering can add value and demonstrate innovation to enhance their business, delivering efficiencies and increased profitability. Adept at leading, collaborating with and encouraging teams and 3rd parties to project manage, plan, and navigate opportunities through to successful outcomes.

Robin Yazbeck

Robin is an experienced Bid and Proposal Manager and writer since 2010, working on bids and tenders in a variety of industries.  Robin has worked with many organisations, leading bid teams to win contracts through competitive tendering. She uses tried and tested techniques to develop bid submissions with a proven record of closing high profile government, construction, infrastructure and corporate contracts.  She has been instrumental in leading Bid teams on winning tenders for clients such as Jones Lang Lasalle and  Sydney Trains and Transport for NSW.

Emma House

Emma works as a Tender and Business Writer for SMEs through to large-scale top tier organisations.  Emma has completed tender and bid related work in the public and private sectors focused on the waste industry (SUEZ), law (varied companies), cleaning and maintenance (Facilities First) and worked on numerous bids and pitches within the Australian and Global start-up community to secure them funding. Emma’s skill in communications, marketing, and operations assists clients to resolve issues with a client centred approach to service delivery.  

Helen Tobias


Helen has worked within a range of technology and business projects across varied sectors including defence, finance, health, retail, higher education, stockbroking, insurance, superannuation, banking, government and utilities. Her analytical approach, personable style and highly developed capabilities in the fields of documentation, communications, learning and change management contributes to the successful delivery of clear, concise and compelling deliverables. She adopts a user-focused approach to ensure audience needs are met and desired client outcomes are achieved.