People win tenders. People, working together, win tenders more often.

Tenders may be judged on delivery and value, but they’re won by people.

The right people, with the right skills, in the right places, with access to the right resources.

Good people united by a shared goal, working together to create the best case for choosing you. It’s not just a question of hiring people who can – it’s about knowing if they can do it, together.

Creating a winning team

Teams win tenders.

Teams with strong cultures, operating to a clear solution strategy, united by shared values. These are the teams most likely to create the best proposal.

Because each member knows what is required of them.

Because each member is accountable to each other member. And to the tender.

Because poor culture, selfish behaviour and faulty processes can derail a project very quickly.

Because each tender will have moments of stress. And a united team handles these moments far better than siloed specialists.

Because large tenders bring high levels of uncertainty and risk that require adaptive management across multiple streams and disciplines.

With decades of experience on tenders, our directors understand how to put the right team members in the right place. And how to create a culture that unites great teams. Great teams dedicated to winning tenders.

The support you need

Whatever support you need.

When you need it.

Whether you need a team, additional resources for an existing team, or a specialist individual.

Mijo can help you create the framework for the team you need. Defining timelines, methodologies and accountabilities. Transitioning from bid team to delivery team. Ensuring safe, timely and cost-effective project delivery.

We have the experience and the tools to help with co-designing, at the outset, robust decision-making principles, aligned project management, organisation and governance mechanisms, and aligning project culture from the outset.

Transforming people into teams

Once you’ve identified your team members, we help turn them into a team. A project-centric team.

We run workshops to identify the values which will help shape peer-led behaviour, drive accountability and set common goals for all project participants. Teams as invested in winning tenders as much as you are.

Specialist resources

All Mijo team members are carefully selected for their ability to add value where value is needed. They seek to identify where tender responses can be improved. They work with your subject matter experts to develop and craft compelling promises which differentiate your response.

Each of our specialists has many years’ experience in business writing and tender responses across several industries. Each has participated in winning submissions, and knows the importance of a unified team approach, working with all stakeholders to provide the specific writing or design support you need.

Roles include:

  • Submission/Bid Managers and Co-ordinators
  • Submission Writers
  • Corporate Communication Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Word Document Formatters
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement Specialists.

The Directors

Mike Hodgson and Joanna Stepp officially formed Mijo Tenders in June 2016 and through their pragmatic and successful approach to winning more tenders for their clients, they now have response teams established in most Australian capital cities and in Auckland New Zealand.

Mike Hodgson

Mike Hodgson, director of Mijo TendersMike’s background in IT Executive Management and Management Consulting focused on improving business operations across a broad range of industries. Through his career he has spent a significant amount of time on submissions, issuing and responding to major tenders across many  industries.

This experience gives him an invaluable insight into the success factors of a tender. His deep understanding of what is important to tenderers helps you determine how best to respond to tender questions.

Joanna Stepp

Joanna Stepp, director of Mijo TendersJoanna has a rich background in marketing and communications and is a highly regarded stakeholder management specialist. Having worked with multiple brands and products, she has developed an enviable strength in identifying, assessing and understanding customers. She helps you identify what the real question is, and how best to answer it.

She has a proven capability to transform stakeholder sentiment, develop new business and products, improve sales performance, build brands and meet and exceed customer expectations.