Mike and Joanna (hence the name Mijo) met while individually providing tender response assistance to clients. After a few projects together, they decided to join forces given their shared values, professional approaches and complementary skills and experience.

Mike’s background in IT Executive Management and Management Consulting focused on improving business operations across a broad range of industries and issuing and responding many major tenders for his clients. This experience provided his deep understanding of what is important and how best to respond to tender questions.

Joanna’s background in marketing, communications and stakeholder management, with multiple brands and products built her strengths in identifying, assessing and understanding customers. She was able to transform stakeholder sentiment, develop new business and products, improve sales performance, build brands and meet and exceed customer expectations.

After over a year of informal partnership, they officially formed Mijo Tenders in June 2016 and through their pragmatic and successful approach to winning more tenders for their clients, they now have response teams established in most Australian capital cities and in Auckland New Zealand.

All Mijo team members are carefully selected for their key ability to drive tender response improvements and to develop and craft compelling differentiation that makes each client’s response stand-out. Besides these skills, each has many years’ experience in business writing and tender responses across several industries, and a proven history of being able to match the organisation’s culture and the specific writing support needs of each separate client.

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