Making a winning first impression

First impressions matter.

The look of your proposal can tick a number of boxes for a client before they even open it.

It can summarise the big promise of your proposal as a benefit to them in just a few words.

It can help assure the reader that the document will contain everything they need.

And the information will be easy to digest.

It can demonstrate professionalism. And show your understanding of their issues.

At a glance.

This is the power of winning design.

Whether you need a logo for a new joint venture, a full brand identity created from scratch, or need a full proposal created to existing brand guidelines, Mijo’s designers can help.

Our designers have years of experience in tenders, corporate and commercial communication design and graphic design and understand how to showcase your big picture while clearly communicating the details.

The right illustration or graphic adds context and clarity to the case you’re mounting.

They can make complex issues more easily understood. They can provide instant understanding of processes and relationships. They can provide simple explanations for page restricted returnable schedules. They provide simple visual breaks to large blocks of copy – increasing readability and comprehension.

Our highly-experienced designers will talk directly with subject matter experts to ensure accurate interpretation of complex ideas. We approach the design of these diagrams with the sole purpose of aiding content understanding. These will always be on brand and provide you that visual consistency throughout your response.

The design of a document needs to consider that it:

  • Reflects the overarching benefit of the proposal
  • Unites all aspects of the proposal creating a common visual theme which creates easily identifiable sections (should the proposal be judged by multiple reviewers)
  • Is engaging and consistent throughout the tender response.

Mijo designers have provable capability creating documents that invite the reader to engage with each page and reflect the winning edge that you work so hard to create.

Folios and examples of our past work are available upon request.

The design of the submission itself can make or break your proposal.

Especially when you want to make a winning first impression.

This can be complicated by the requirements laid out in the response documents.

Our design team will help you design engaging and compelling looking submission boxes and folders - designs that help you tell your story. They can also work with you to determine how you’d like the tender review panel to navigate through your response.

Using sound, graphic design principles, we create submissions that make navigation clear, and very easy to understand, even for a first time viewer.

On some proposals, you may have opportunities to talk to key decision makers during the tender process.

Our design team are on hand to provide you with the extra materials (either in a print or digital format) to sell your story. Giving you confidence through the presentation and able to leave a positive, long-lasting impression.

Video adds impact and memorability to a tender.

With new technology enabling videos to be created in emailable file sizes, or shown on secure channels, they provide an easy way to make a bigger impact with key stakeholders.

They enhance engagement with a proposal, or with a key part of a proposal.

They can allow you to subtly introduce key members of the tender team.

They put the viewer into the project – allowing them to see what the final result will look like.

And feel like.

Mijo’s writers have significant experience in creating scripts for corporate videos.

We can help you, either as a part of the proposal, or as a specialist, external resource, create scripts for:

  • Executive summary videos
  • Architectural walk throughs
  • Virtual tours.

We see the production through as a consulting script editor, to ensure your vision makes it to the screen in the best way to make the biggest impact.