Ensuring you get the best result to make the best impression

The client doesn’t see the hours you put into a submission.

They just see the end result. So, it’s got to be right.

Mijo Tenders can help. Our print and production experts will help you make sure your proposal is presented beautifully and delivered on time.

And should you need extra services, like promotional brochures or explanatory videos, to give your tender more impact or more engagement, we can help with that too.

In recent times, online submission has become more prevalent. While it may save on printing costs, it can create a false expectation of how much extra time it gives you at the end of a tender.

Please know, time management and timely delivery are just as relevant and vital.

Mijo ensures the team has the right equipment to upload, so you’re not panicking at upload time. We also conduct upload tests ahead of time so the technology can be assured of working and the full response is submitted on time.

We also create a detailed upload plan as part of our project management timeline. This includes testing all documents to ensure they’re readable and corruption free.

If your response requires a printed submission, our print management experts give you confidence you need to make sure it gets done right.

We will take the heavy lifting away from you. We’ll liaise with printers and other suppliers to ensure your proposal gets printed on time. That all the parts of the submission are where they need to be. And look as good as they possibly can. Then get the finished article, complete and back from print.

So, you can focus on ensuring the proposal says exactly what you need it to.

It’s all in the delivery. 

You invest so much time arranging the proposal, so many nights worrying through each aspect, so many days working with colleagues to get the best possible tender together.

There may well be other opportunities, during the process, which help you make a winning impression.

Or times when you just need to know the proposal will be delivered.

We’re here to help.